So Your Sick Of Hearing About God

Good for you, for not being
one of those easy people!

After all … many nice loving people die
in man many horrible ways crying out
to Him … yeah that totally sucks …
I get it.

After all … Just look at all
those diseases.

If you think I am here to convince
you that your wrong … sorry
I’m not … As that is impossible
for me to do that.

My only problem is that I have found
a ton of my own reasons to believe
He actually does care.

So rather than get into stupid
arguments that end up no where.
I simple share what seemingly
came out of no where.

Not an answer for every question
but just enough evidence for ” myself
to question the people who don’t believe.

You see ” I’ve ” witnessed too much that
personally speaks volumes to me in
favor of a caring ” Higher Power “.

So I share what I have found without
reservation or silly requests for donations
as I certainly need none.

I am not here to arm twist … but just
suggest that I’ve found so many positives
I simply dare you to look.

So to look just ” CLICK HERE ” you will
owe me nothing.











Biogas A Treasure For The Needy

Allow me to be candid … I am no rocket scientist nor

did I graduate with highest honors from any of

my classes. But that being said I need to make

the most of every dollar. The following came about

from my burden for the poor of this world.

Regardless of your personal finances I hope

this helps and that you may learn enough to impact

the lives of the needy ~

Biogas Vs Ignorance


Pinterest Pins For Thirsty Minds

For people who have little time
for boredom. For people who know
that life is too short for anything
best but finding the best.
Dedicated To Finding Better
Dedicated To Finding Better / I am simply a man on a mission not seeking a penny. Upon this Pinterest is the  knowledge to fight the evils of starvation and ignorance world wide …... / by Scott Gibboney
Inteligencia / #Tools, #Resources, #Knowledge, #Goals, #OutOfTheBoxThinking, #Hope, #Fun / by Scott Gibboney
I Dreamed A Dream
I Dreamed A Dream / I imagine ” Moringa plantations ” using ” aquaponics ” and ” pico power ” world wide for orphanages so they don’t have to beg. The moringa seed would purify water which alone would solve half the world’s potable water problems. I imagine students teaching others while using led lights powered by pico methods. I dream a dream that’s not impossible. / by Scott Gibboney

Biogas – Look Here First Before You Spend Too Much

There are many people selling facts, charts, and
books on biogas. So who can blame them … In
the right hands this material is worth a small fortune.
My main motive is to provide 3rd world orphanages
life sustaining knowledge at no charge.
The following two links complement each other
by painting the most simple complete picture I was
able to research … the enormous sum of free …
no charge. No matter who you are I hope you prosper
and find it in your heart to show other just as I have you
( at no charge ) …..thank you.


Create Bio Gas

bio gas plant





A Plan That Doesn’t Need Or Want Your Money

–                          –                        –

Sound crazy, well maybe I am.

But please I don’t want nor need

anyone’s money.



A video that explains why millions of people

need not suffer, nor do without, food, clothing,

or shelter all in short order. A plan I seek to

share with all  world leaders and kindhearted

people just like you.


Little victories