Current Rocket Stove Research – Use Caution

What is a Rocket Stove You Ask ?
” A rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using
small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple
high-temperature combustion chamber containing a
vertical chimney and a secondary air supply which
ensures almost complete combustion prior to the
flames reaching the cooking surface. “
Why would any one want one ?
First they need less fire wood so your sure to save
some money. Second They reduce smoke and harmful
emissions, use less fuel wood, and increase the amount
of energy from the wood that is turned into heat energy.
** Disclaimer
All heating and cooking systems require great respect
as they have the potential to kill a person quickly.
While this is the safest plan I have found so far…
this unit is never to be used in doors.
Many rocket stoves are of very poor design and are
not worth your time. Some simple solid cement bucket
systems can contain air pockets and blow up in your face.
Others made of just cinder blocks are not safe or meant
to be used in high heat. Make safety your main priority
when it come to managing any combustible  system or
live fire. To date this is the only system I will suggest.


rocket stove pic

Like What You Found ?  – Click Here For More !

Like What You Found ?  – Click Here For More !

Like What You Found ?  – Click Here For More !


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