How God’s Gift To Moses Is Still Saving Lives

Imagine a long forgotten education on life
saving nutritional food provided
from Heaven above by God Himself.
No It’s Not Manna !

Then God showed Moses a tree, which when cast into the waters,
turned the water sweet and drinkable. ( Exodus 15:22-27 )

Moringa purifies water without toxic chemicals,
it is a fact that people are mostly dying because of a lack
of clean water …not a lack of food.

Moringa is a super food.

Moringa is saving thousands against starvation.

Moringa is now wanted by Japan as their next bio fuel.

Moringa is now used to feed livestock with amazing results.

” In livestock Moringa Oleferia increases daily weight gain up to

32 % and increases milk production 43% to 65% “

Moringa leaves are the only safe part of the plant.

Some poor nations are committing to plants thousands

of Moringa trees …you need to learn why.

This my friend is only the begining …watch the video,

please learn about Moringa and share that others

will not be as poor …not be as hungry….Amen.


 SPECIAL CAUTION NOTE : ** – ” The thickened root is

 used as a substitute for horseradish although this is now

 discouraged as  it contains alkaloids, especially moriginine,

 and a bacteriocide, spirochin, both of which can prove fatal

 following ingestion. ” **


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