So Your Sick Of Hearing About God

Good for you, for not being
one of those easy people!

After all … many nice loving people die
in so many horrible ways crying out
to Him … yeah that totally sucks …
I get it.

After all … Just look at all
those diseases.

If you think I am here to convince
you that your wrong … sorry
I’m not … As that is impossible
for me to do that.

My only problem is that I have found
a ton of my own reasons to believe
He actually does care.

So rather than get into stupid
arguments that end up no where.
I simple share what seemingly
came out of no where.

Not an answer for every question
but just enough evidence for ” myself
to question the people who don’t believe.

You see ” I’ve ” witnessed too much that
personally speaks volumes to me in
favor of a caring ” Higher Power “.

So I share what I have found without
reservation or silly requests for donations
as I certainly need none.

I am not here to arm twist … but just
suggest that I’ve found so many positives
I simply dare you to look.

So to look just ” CLICK HERE ” you will
owe me nothing.












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