Doable Off Grid Living Ideas The World Is Missing Out On

Yes much of the world knows about off

grid living but many have never learned

to connect the best methods let alone

having them all placed on one simple


This page is dedicated to that effort.

An unheard of engine that only needs

heat to run, it’s called a Sterling Engine.

Sterling engines can run off of direct

sunlight magnification via

fresnel lenses.

Unlimited fuel for heating and

producing electricity you could

sell back to electric companies via

Biogas made out of onions

because since onions are so strong

less are required than other sources

such as fruits and other vegetables.

A million pounds of onions can grow

on as little a three acres with a method

of growing known as aquaponics.

So the bottom line is that a person with

3 acres could grow a million pounds of

onions on that plot and convert it into

biogas. The biogas could be used to run

a sterling engine which in turns could

be used to generate electric power.

Obviously the sky would be the limit

for people not afraid to get their hands


In case you’d like to learn even more

just click and visit ” Off Grid Mentors “.











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